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Motivational Speaking

"Marcus leads by example, which is perhaps his defining feature. He is a skillful life communicator, who asks the right questions, pays attention and gives incredible feedback. Marcus is willing to help, but he endeavors to assist all of us in becoming our own advocate in this life, and that´s a powerful perspective with which to interact with the world." -Rebecca T.

"Imagine that you have experienced 50 straight days of pouring, icy rain. Suddenly the sun radiates through the clouds, stops the rain and beams down on everything. You feel warmer, your spirits are lifted and everything looks better. You can see again! This is the best way that I can describe who Marcus Straub is and what he does." -Sarah S.

As a Motivational Speaker I believe that there is power in involving the audience to a greater degree. As a participant it feels great to pick up on the energy and enthusiasm of a speaker, and this may even last for a time before you are once again faced with the real issues in your life with no real understanding of them. Instead of just going to a Motivational Speaking event and listening to someone talk about what’s on their mind only, wouldn’t it be even more powerful to be able to ask your questions, getting the answers to the issues you face? Quite often, the question that is on one person’s mind is at least similar to another person’s question. I endeavor to draw out the genius within the individuals and the group. In my Motivational Speaking events, I open with a powerful topic, spend some time developing it, and then I give myself over to the questions and concerns of those in attendance, so that they may leave the event inspired and empowered.

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