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Life Coaching

"Are you ready for a positive change in your life? If you are serious about moving forward, discovering who you are and who you can become, then it's time to allow Marcus Straub into your life." -Todd H.

"If you seek better direction, focus and relationships in your life, seek out Marcus Straub. He will take you on a wonderful journey of self-discovery that will free you to enjoy the best life for you." -Nancy S.

My personalized Life Coaching will help you to create the life you really want. Greater self-worth and confidence can be yours. I can assist you in building quality relationships; ones that are meaningful, real and which bring you fulfillment on a consistent basis. Your life is happening right now, and through my Life Coaching work with you, you will be able to relieve the burden you feel from your past, while building a future that is filled with promise. Your life really will be simpler and more enjoyable. Why continue to be unhealthy when you don’t have to be? Why continue to be less successful in your life when you can achieve levels of success you have only imagined? As your Life Coach, I will help you to fill in the blanks, and to take the actions that will create real and lasting happiness. Together we will position you to live a life that is powerful, exciting and meaningful.

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