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"I must tell you, since having been introduced to Marcus and applying his methods, I know that I am an all around better person, no doubt. My personal to business life balance is healthy and I feel empowered. I have and will continue to passionately recommend Marcus as a source of inspiration and change to everyone that I know and meet." -Sherri B.

"Marcus is one of those rare individuals who promises a lot, and always delivers more." -Dale R.

As a Consultant, I will provide you or your organization with real objective feedback on the issues you face. It is a powerful experience to have someone who can take a look from the outside, unattached to the issues, and offer the information that will move you to greater success. In my work as a Consultant, I will show you things that are right under your nose so to speak; obvious things that your attention has not caught. We will also dig deeper so I can expose you to the underlying issues that are limiting your success. With this, you will be positioned to take actions that will improve your overall situation. Would it not be empowering to have greater clarity of what you are actually dealing with? Do you believe you or your organization would be helped with some powerful insight from the outside? As your Consultant I will illuminate the path to your greater success.

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