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Marcus StraubMarcus Straub is the founder and owner of Life Is Great!™ Inc., the personalized coaching and consulting company he created in 2004 with an unwavering dream and desire to inspire mankind to new levels of greatness. His business, inspired by a skilled coaching philosophy rooted in motivation that helps clients become empowered in the face of their own particular reality, has touched countless lives: “Once people realize that they are far more creative, adaptive, capable, and powerful than they ever thought themselves to be, they begin to take charge of their life, crafting it into what they truly want.”

Marcus has been recognized as the 2011 International Coach of the Year. This award is the only of its kind to be recognized internationally among the coaching profession and is presented annually to an accomplished Coach that exemplifies the qualities, characteristics and goals associated with coaching.

For over 20 years, Marcus has been systematically developing a proven coaching method that empowers individuals and businesses to boldly move forward through the personal and professional challenges they face on a daily basis. As an established and innovative coach, consultant, trainer, speaker and author, he is firmly committed to helping individuals, teams, and organizations set and attain higher goals and, thereby, expand their unlimited potential.

In his recently published and acclaimed book, “Is It Fun Being You? The journey to lasting happiness,” Marcus introduces readers to a powerful coaching tool, TDSF™, which he discovered and developed to take control of himself and create the life of his dreams. Through his simple and applicable teaching methods, readers, clients and audiences alike are rapidly equipped with the skills necessary to systematically understand and gain control of their thoughts, actions, words and feelings to achieve new levels of lasting happiness and success.
His strategic Human Touch™ customer service training program teaches companies and organizations the art of developing teams of conscious individuals that listen intently and communicate effectively, from a foundation of gratitude and new-found awareness of their own behaviors. As a motivational speaker, Marcus connects with his audiences and inspires them to dig deep and strive for more. In addition to providing traditional personal and group coaching sessions, he is an accomplished Yoga instructor, newspaper columnist, radio talk-show host and social media outreach expert. In an ongoing effort to expand his reach and his message to all mankind, he is currently in the process of writing additional books, developing a line of contemporary coaching products and is working on a variety of multi-media coaching opportunities.
Family WalkingIn his own words, Marcus expresses his passion for people and coaching: “Through my own relentless pursuit of happiness, I arrived at the place where I successfully coach people and businesses in creating what they want. I have made tremendous decisions in my life, which have brought me rewards beyond what I thought was possible, while other decisions did not move me in a positive direction. These experiences have fueled my desire to be more than what I once was; to be happy, successful, and fulfilled as much as I possibly can be. Along the way, I have acquired the necessary tools to help not only myself, but others too. The journey to ones greater self – and to a greater life – is an amazing one. It is the most important and rewarding journey one will ever take.”
Marcus resides in western Colorado where his mind and heart are fueled during shared time with his daughter Savannah and his family, by watching the sun rise and set, and in exploring the land through a variety of outdoor adventures. Whenever possible, he loves to travel and spend time by the ocean.

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