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ICOY 2011 Med 2



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Creating the life that we really want, one that provides us with the feelings of happiness and fulfillment is often an overwhelming and daunting endeavor. We simply don´t know where to begin. Even if we are able to find a launching point for our journey to success and happiness, the actions that we must take consistently in order to get there prove difficult to see. For many people this is a lifelong condition because they simply don´t take advantage of the tremendous power of coaching. For those that do, life becomes an exciting experience full of opportunities that they had previously not been aware of.

Success in all the areas of your life is critical to your happiness. This makes it essential to have support and guidance as you move towards the life of your dreams.

This is where I come in.
I am Marcus Straub, your personal Success Coach. The information and strategies I will share with you, will assist you in creating the options and momentum needed to affect real and lasting change in your life. When we combine your powerful intention with my support and guidance, you will begin to create empowering changes in your life. Bringing about the improvements in your life that will give you those things you want is very exciting. This is a journey that will change you and everything you touch forever. It is a life altering experience you deserve to have. 
Together we will:
  • Create greater clarity, direction, accountability, energy and confidence in you.
  • Discover where you are in your life and or business right now.
  • Identify what you really want.
  • Explore alternatives in your life and or business.
  • Design a plan of action for your success.
  • Develop focus and momentum in you.
  • Move you past the challenges you face.
  • Empower you in your life and or business like never before.
  • Deliver to you the success and happiness you desire.
The process of self-discovery is both challenging and exciting. Often times we avoid taking the vital step of coming to understand who we are and how we operate in our life, as well as, what we want personally and professionally. However, only by becoming clear on these issues can we begin the journey to our greatest self, the life, and the business that we find truly fulfilling.
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