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Life Is Short

Do you remember as a child how long the summers seemed stretched on? Do you recall how it took forever for your next birthday or for Christmas to come around again? This is not the case anymore is it? It is as if life speeds up every year. Now, it seems as though it is perpetually Monday. When I was a child, tuning 40 years old seemed so far away. Today at 41, turning 80 years old seems so very close.

Life is incredibly short my friends! Hopefully, the older we get the more we come to realize and accept this. In midlife we begin to experience on a more regular basis the passing of friends and family members. In this, we are exposed to the reality that our time will come too. Some of the people in our lives experience unexpected and sudden endings to life. In this, we can see that life is precarious and uncertain; that there is no guarantee regarding how and when our life will end. Perhaps this is one of the most powerful gifts of aging.

Even with all this information from our experiences many people continue to live there life as though it will last forever. Each day is taken for granted, as if it is owed to them. I assure you it is not. Life is a gift, an incredibly short gift. Why not make the most of this wonderful gift called your life?

You can put your grievances down. You can let go of your past hurts and disappointments. You can open up to the life you are living now and make the most of it. What will be the cost to you if you don’t do this? After all, you wouldn’t want to look back on your life from the end of it and say to yourself, my whole life has been a mistake, would you?

LIFE IS SHORT! The sooner you truly realize and accept this powerful fact of life, the sooner you will truly live.


Doorways to our new life are always opening for us. Three things often happen in the face of this fantastic reality. One, we are so unconscious that we don’t even see the doors that are wide open and beckoning us. Two, we are afraid to approach the doorway we see and step through because of uncertainty of what the other side holds for us. In other words, will it be a positive choice in our life. Lastly, we are conscious enough to recognize the doors that open to us, and we have learned through our life that the door has opened at exactly the best time in our life; now. In this position we also know there is truly nothing to fear and that we can change direction anytime and go through yet another doorway, if we decide that it would be our best option.

So consciousness and not being trapped by fear will allow you to take forward steps in your life that will always alter the course of your life. Life is an expansive and ever changing experience, one that we too often resist. Why resist what is? Why not get into the flow of your life, moving with the inevitable changes that do occur, and enjoy your ever enlarging experience. It is when we don’t do this that we feel trapped, unhappy, unfulfilled and miserable.

Feeling good and even great is a choice that we are capable of making each and every day. It is a choice that is well worth making in the precious moments of your life because you deserve to know your greatest self. You are far more than you currently believe yourself to be, and the way you come to know this is by recognizing and steeping through the doorways in your life.

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