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It is important to be aware of all that is going on around you, however, it is even more vital that you pay attention to what is going on within you. It is your thoughts, actions and words that matter most in the creation of your reality.

Daily Post

The one person who makes the greatest impact in the quality of your life experience is you. When your thoughts, actions and words are aligned with greater happiness and success, these wonderful attributes become present in your life on a more consistent basis.

Daily Post

You matter. Each day matters. We all matter. When we live from this perspective, we take better care of ourselves, our days are fuller and more rewarding, and we treat others with the same dignity and respect we desire from them.

Daily Post

Your power to create greater happiness and success is directly related to how much you believe in yourself. Believe in you!

Daily Post

One of the most powerful choices that we can make as human beings is to be truly grateful every day. By making this choice, you open the door to a much more profound life experience. Gratitude brings an enlivening spark to one’s life.

Daily Post

Take a few moments to think of the one thing you are most grateful for, and why. As you do this, become aware of the happiness you feel. Notice, how any "problems" you might have fade away. Recognize how present and conscious you are while being grateful. As you choose to cultivate and maintain a grateful mindset, each and every day, greater happiness will be yours.

Daily Post

We have within us, the power to have a positive impact in the lives of everyone we know and encounter in this lifetime. Life is enhanced one person at a time, through our individual efforts to be our very best. You are great, and so is everyone else. Together, we can make life as great as it can be.

Daily Post

Just completed the latest round of corporate trainings across the Western Slope. Thank you to everyone who attended. I am grateful for all of the positive feedback, and for the opportunity to know and work with you all. Wishing everyone on the team greater happiness and success in your personal & professional lives. All my best.

Daily Post

Get excited! Move into your day with energy, self-confidence, passion and a strong intention to be your very best. Give all that you are to everything that you do, and at days end you will be pleased.

Daily Post

Creating solutions doesn't always mean changing the actual situation. Sometimes, it's about acceptance and changing how you see it. Choose perspectives that allow you to enjoy your life.

Business Times Column

Are You Having Fun In Your Business?


Happiness and success go hand in hand. You can be very successful financially and if you are not enjoying it, then true success is eluding you. Business becomes a well-rounded and balanced experience when we actually enjoy it.

It is important for you to like what you do. The more you enjoy your business, the better. However, we often do not enjoy our business as much as we can because of missing links in our own perceptions and actions.

Be grateful for your opportunity to be in business.

When you take time to explore your situation, and become truly grateful for the fact you are alive, your reality begins to improve. As you take gratitude even further, you come to realize how wonderful it is to be in business, to have the team and customers you do, and to face the situations and opportunities that lay before you. With this, you will enjoy your business like never before.

Create a clear vision for yourself and the business.

Without a clear vision as to why you are in business, it is easy to become confused, lost, overwhelmed and discouraged. It is also likely that your team will feel the same way and the happiness and success of all will suffer. You don’t go on a trip without a plan, so why would you not create one for your business?

By spending time considering what it is you actually want for your business, writing these things down and creating a clear vision, you will put yourself – and your company - on a focused path to greater happiness and success. With this clear vision in place you can communicate to your team with the purpose of getting everyone on the same page about why all of you are spending so much of your lives working together to do what you do.

Add in some much needed structure.

Structure actually provides the necessary parameters to help you accomplish the vision you have created. These guidelines will reduce chaos and confusion, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Creating structure as to deadlines, how jobs are done and who handles what will create freedom for you and your business, and not limitations. Structure creates a process whereby tasks are handled in a consistent fashion, and as your business runs smoother, everything becomes more enjoyable.

Consistently move in the direction of your vision.

Effective and consistent action is a wonderful habit to develop in you and your team. Rather than the rollercoaster of consistent and then inconsistent action, where progress comes and goes, consistency allows your company to continually move forward toward your vision. You are the leader in the development of consistent action. If you create this habit in your thoughts, actions and words first, then your team has a solid example to follow.

Surround yourself with people who are self-motivated and who believe in your vision.

Who you bring into your business matters greatly in the realization of your vision, and in achieving the happiness and success you desire. The strongest team members are those who have a positive attitude, are solution oriented, self-motivated, self-accountable and believe in the vision you have for your company. If you want to have more fun running your business, it is vital that you hire people who create fewer limitations - and more opportunities - in accomplishing your goals.

Make time for your life outside of business.

Your business is only one aspect of your life. You also have family, friends, personal interests and passions. In order for your business to be more fun, it is wise to bring balance to your entire life. By not neglecting these important parts of your life as you work to make your vision for the business come to be, you will remain refreshed and energized so that you can operate at a higher level.

Having more fun in your business is not a difficult thing to do. It simply takes desire and effort on your part to make it so. As I help business owners to become grateful, create a clear vision of what they want, add in structure, develop the habit of consistent effective action, build powerful teams, and engage their lives outside of the business to a greater degree, amazing things happen: They become happier and more successful, and doing business is more fun for all.
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